Scaling base plan as a new user

I’m new to Trainerroad and I am starting with traditional base high volume 1. The Tss for the week is 420, which would be a 7 day average of 60. However my current fatigue is higher at 68 and fitness is 73. What should I do as I don’t want to be putting in the work of the plan and not have it be enough to create a training adaptation? Should I just do the plan as scheduled as I haven’t been doing any Z2 rides as of late? Should I simply cut out one of the rest days and copy the weeks workout again to add 105 tss to the week? Extend the weekend rides even longer? And how should I move forward week to week in the plan to smooth the transition into Trainerroad? I typically train 6 days a week and my target is a 24 hour ride.

Thanks for any insights you all may have

So many things…

From where is that fitness derived? VO2max work? Endurance rides? Remember, not all TSS is created equal.

As above, not all TSS is created equal. The adaptations resulting from Trad Base are going to be different than those derived from say the Short Power plan. Helpful for you to understand the what and why of your goals before moving forward. For example, I did SSB1+2LoVol in 2 months and I gained 32 Fitness (~7hr/wk). Currently I’m doing Trad Base; it’s taken me 3 months to gain 32 Fitness with at least double the amount of hours.

Yes and no. Fatigue will build, it’s just different than what you get from higher intensity blocks. You’ll need at least one rest day, if just for a mental break. But you should be able to do 6x/wk of Z2 without burnout.

Yes, definitely. The thing with any Trad Base phase is that you have to put in a LOT of hours; it’s totally all about volume and those really long 5-6 hour rides really pack a punch – especially if your goal is a 24 hour ride. As a matter of fact, I’d be focusing on doing long rides to test out all your gear and equipment and nutrition, those things will play a far bigger role than trying to get a perfect amount of TSS/wk.

Good luck.


That’s an excellent point. I should probably give the plan a fair shake before making alterations.