SBR ROCKR Pod Inner Tube Replacement

Wondering if anyone has one of the original rockr pods that came with the inner tube. Need to replace one of mine as it has a slow leak that i cant find even with soap and water trick. Not sure what size they are and what they might be from. Their inner diameter is 4".

The ones I have are molded with the following size on the side of the tube. Generally these are “wheelbarrow tire” size tubes.

  • 4.10 / 3.50 - 4
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Thanks, looking more closely now that i know what i am looking for this seems to be what they used as well. Off to the hardware store I go.

@mcneese.chad do you have a rockrpod? have you removed the inner tube? Doesn’t look to be anything special keeping them in place but wanted to check before trying to pull this thing out.

I do have one of their original, full size rockers. I used the inner tubes enough to learn I didn’t like them. They feel overly damped and slow in rebound, which is just an action & feel I dislike.

I use inflatable balls for springs instead, and like the more “snappy” feel and quicker return action. All preference though, since I know some people like the inner tube feel vs balls.

Ones like these are what I like.

how did you end up securing the balls to stay in place, the original full size and pod are pretty similiar in terms to how they were designed on the back end. Do you just seat them inside the cut out hole and remove the piece of wood screwed into the lower board?

I wedge mine between the top and bottom plate, towards the rear of the rocker. This squishes them in place once inflated, and they just stick there. No special retention needed. I will try to find a relate picture for clarity.

I avoid cutting new holes and prefer flat to flat surfaces contact. Just orient the balls so the valve is in the middle and accessible.

ETA: This is one of my own DIY rockers from long ago, but I use this same basic approach on the Rockr and any other similar rocker.