Santa Claus Grand Prix 6hr XC Race Report - Thanks Trainer Road!

Last weekend I competed in the Santa Claus Grand Prix 6 hour event as a member of a co-ed team. I did this same event two years ago but man… What a difference.

I was in SS Base 2, week 3 when the race occurred. This is all training for my A Race in April 2020. The main thing that I noticed was just how much sustained power I had compared to the previous race.

In 2017 I did 4 - 7 mile laps with the following times:

This year was the same course with 4 - 7 mile laps with these times:

I am astonished how close the lap times were this year.

Some other differences were in my fueling strategy. Before the first lap I drank 1 Beta Fuel and ate 1 SIS ISO gel with Ryno Fuel electrolyte tabs. On the bike I just used a camelbak with plain water. 2nd lap was the same as before the first. Beta Fuel, Iso gel, Ryno tabs. Third lap was Scratch bottle, iso gel, Ryno tabs. Last lap was the same as the first lap.

During the race I never felt that bad. I went pretty hard but not all out as I kept expecting to start suffering. It never ended up happening though. I continued to feel good. May last lap was almost as fast as my first. Amazing…

One other thing was that I brought multiple kits and changed out my wet bibs each lap. It was pretty cold, high 40’s to the low 50’s. Having warm, dry clothes helped me mentally. This was something I learned from a podcast. I think it was the Arizona 24 hours of the Old Pueblo race the guys did and Jonathan and Nate talked about switching out their kits. Even this small thing made a noticeable difference in my day.

So how did we end up??? We got second place. We lost to a pair of High School Nica racers. It was my partners first time and her laps were about 10 minutes slower per lap than mine. We were just racing for fun so my partner could try an event she would not have attempted by herself. Last time I lost to high school kids as well. The difference this year? I actually beat all of their lap times. I am at least 30 years older (i’m 48) and at least 50 pounds heavier than these kids. I was extremely happy with my results. Hats off to our local Nica racers. He have some seriously talented kids in our league. If you don’t already, please consider supporting your local Nica team. These kids are our future.

The lessons and tactics for the track as well as for fueling combined with the quality of the workouts are having a real impact. If this keeps up, my A race, The Whiskey 50 will be unreal relative to my ability of course. I just want to say thanks to everyone at trainer road for all that you do to make us faster. That’s what it’s all about.


Nice race report and great pics :muscle:t4:


:+1:t3: I’ll be riding grand junction off-road in May. Epic Rides throws a good event.

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I wish I could get out there for that. It’s just a bit too far to get the OK from my wife.

That’s awesome. Nice job! Very appropriate kit as well.

Consistency in lap times was the first thing I noticed in my own performance after reaping the benefits of my first foray into TR a couple of years ago. Structured training really does make a difference.

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Great job and congratulations.

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