S-Works Venge Front Day Running Light Hack

For owners of the Venge (2019 on) using the integrated cockpit with the barfly out front mount.

I’ve been struggling to find an an astetically pleasing way of attaching a front running light on my Venge.

Came across this https://fabric.cc/products/lights/lumaray-v2-front-light/

Its designed to click into a Garmin Mount and has two inserts up top, one Garmin and one Wahoo.

What I have done is used the Garmin mount that comes with the Barfly kit and attached it underneath the mount (plenty of mounting holes) and run the Lumaray underneath the mount and my Roam up top, looks and performs really well.

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Awesome :sunglasses:

Brilliant idea and thanks as I’ve adopted your idea here. Cockpit looks absolutely tidy.

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