Running progression

It takes me a little over 6 days to cut a second off my 5k time. Not that I’m testing a 5k every week…I do a monthly 5k tt.

As long as the workouts keep coming, it’s like clock work. Maybe because I was already bike fit before I added running there were never any nube gains. Just k-chunk, k-chunk, k-chunk…stay injury free & keep working…about a second every 6 days. Doesn’t matter if I run a lot of medio volume or if I run hills or if I go full Zatopek. Still, about a second every 6 days. Usually doing 6 days on, one day off. It’s a mistake to think eliminating the day off increases the rate of improvement.

I’m not sure why it’s so linear and so consistent! It’s way different than my training progression on the bike.