Running gait changed due to triathlon training

I started running many years ago before started doing triathlon. I felt my running gait has been changed especially started riding TT bike. I feel my running is not as smooth as I used to and where my foot landing is changed.

Anyone has the same feeling or is there any research out there? Thanks for sharing your ideas.

Given you’ve mentioned the TT bike specifically my inclination would be to take a look at flexibility/range of motion- I’m fairly prone to tightness in my hamstrings and hip flexors which can mess with my form a bit if I don’t address it, and TT riding can definitely contribute on that front! Regular foam rolling seems to work well for me, but if it’s really noticeable it might be worth a visit to a physio or bike fitter.

Another factor might be fatigue from the other disciplines, which can impact how things feel a bit- I’d expect that to be more variable though.

Tight hip flexors are a common problem for cyclists, as your hips are constantly flexed and the flexors never get a full stretch. Even if this isn’t part of your issue it’s a good area to work on anyway.