Rouvy workouts?

Sure I’m missing something really obvious, but how do i do a workout in rouvy using their desktop app?

I only seem to be able to choose a course and can’t see any option to load a workout.

Note: i can create and favourite workouts via my Internet browser. Just can’t work out how to actually ride them.

Dunno :slight_smile:

I only use Rouvy for racing

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Rouvy has two different desktop apps - Rouvy Workouts and Rouvy AR. You can’t do workouts in the latter. Just a heads up in case that addresses your issue.

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Trying not to be snarky here (it’s hard) but why would you ask how to do a Rouvy workout on the Trainerroad forum?

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@joelell Ah, okay. Thanks!

@ssphillips good question! Some people on the forum use it as a general cycling training discussion forum. Lots of them have experience using different apps.