Rosennock is it achievable?

I am on a road climbing plan and this one was scheduled for today and marked as achievable. The first 3 intervals were fine. The 4th was hard, the 5th was almost impossible. I dont think this means I achieved it, so does this mean my ftp is not set correctly?


First of all, It looks like you achieved it well enough. I’m guessing you didn’t get a failure survey at the end and if not then TR probably thinks you achieved it. Perfection isn’t necessary and that little dip at the very end probably proves this workout was perfect for you on this date.

Second, VO2 and FTP aren’t necessarily correlated. Just because you can complete a VO2Max workout TR gives you doesn’t mean your FTP is set correctly. And just because your FTP is set correctly doesn’t mean you can complete a given VO2Max workout. In fact, I think it’s worthwhile to be aware that your VO2Max progression levels may scale differently than your SS or Threshold ones depending on your capabilities in either may favor one over the other. Nothing to worry about.


Its a tough workout. I know your pain… I just completed Diamond Valley Road Race +1 by varmstrong at Monday, May 09 2022 - TrainerRoad which is very similar. Definitely hurting on the last one. I think fueling is super important for these efforts, so that may be something to look at. Like you said, you handled the first three fine and didn’t struggle till the fourth, so your fitness should be there. I’d say leave your FTP where it is at.

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