Rookie MTB questions. Answer here? or best to ask on MTB forum(s)?

Got it!

Totally agree! Was a pro mechanic who showed me his Knipex tools and I was immediately drooling. Asked price, and stopped drooling for a bit. ha

Okay I’ll shamefully admit that this has happened to me twice and I could have used the pliers bigtime. I like to think I won’t make the mistake again but perhaps self-assessment here is poor. :slight_smile: Beyond doing something mechanically unsavvy I can’t think of a time I’d use it but I may get it anyway.

Thank you very very much for such detailed notes here. I’ll attempt to pay it forward but this has been high value!

Totally agree. I have this exact setup for our ultra road rides that extend overnight. Bases are covered here. Good thinking and thank you for looking out!

Okay pair of related dropper post questions:

  1. My wife has the reverb AXS dropper post. Monday it worked as intended. Tuesday, it was depressible without pressing the button. It would lower as if the button was constantly being depressed. Any normal sitting load now lowers the saddle without button-press. It also doesn’t stay down anymore. Why? The only thing we’d done between Monday and Tuesday is set up the AXS app on my wife’s phone.

  2. Does anyone make a dropper post that is depressible without sitting on it to make it go down? Seems like if you’re going to run a dropper post in an XC race you don’t want to have to ride it down to the bottom position, and then effectively do a squat to stand up out of your very low seated position. Seems trivial, but in my limited cyclocross experience… doing something like that when you’re already redlining seems like it could really put you over the edge. Maybe I just need more fitness. :smirk:

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Quick thought - Check that you didn’t accidentally put the post into “service mode”.

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I found the Five Ten Pro much better than Freerider for longer rides due to better sole stiffness. The Freeriders cut off my circulation with consistent pressure on feet/pedals.

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Bingo! Thank you. Took me a while to figure out how to get it out of service mode and into normal function mode. First few minutes, it just went into “not a dropper post mode.” Guess I’ve got more reading to do. Thank you!

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Absolutely agree. Love my Pro’s

It is a skill, just practice using it.

And when I say use it, USE IT!

DO NOT think to yourself “Oh, it’s a short downhill”, no, use the damn post! Hell, I literally will drop my post just for random corners, and will drop my post for sprints uphill even! What’s the point of having a dropper if it is just going to sit there like a rigid post?

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In practice, this is not an issue. You’re moving around so much on the bike anyway, one more squat to lower the dropper isn’t really noticed. And the little bit of additional effort is totally worth it if it allows you to descend a little faster and safer.

In addition, many XC bikes have shorter travel droppers, so you’re not dropping all the way to the seat post clamp.


I think you (said with loads of respect and some humor) underestimate the lack of fitness possible in a former elite bobsledder with a training frequency of sometimes nil per week. :smirk:

Good thing the dropper is on my wife’s bike. She’ll be fine. :slight_smile: