RollFast Granfondo

Anyone here doing the RollFast this weekend?

I unfortunately am not this year but it is one of the best events I have ever done!

No one doing it? Darn it is tremendous event if you get the chance!

I was hoping to, but this has been a terrible summer for me so I’m not interested in travelling to see poor performance.

In case next year is better, how fast do registrations tend to fill up? I remember hearing it can be hard to get into.

Always thought about doing it but always get turned off by the cost. Just not that excited to pay that much to ride flat roads (plenty around me).

I haven’t done it – I’ve been on the cusp of doing it the last two year, but for whatever reason I have schedule conflicts and end up not making it.

I’m curious – in your opinion, what makes it a great event?

For that type of money, it is poorly supported. The rest stations are just cookies, crackers, and water. They don’t even have porta-potties. I did it last year, but after being around sketchy riders who were riding well above their skill just to keep up with Tom Danielson; I don’t think I will go back.

You could still register today it seems I keep getting emails. I registered very early last year as it was cheapest then.

It is like 100 bucks but you get quite a bit for this (if you register early). Dinner the night before and a pretty big event after with food and drinks. I actually used the chiro and massage after all included.

I did it last year also but I didn’t stop at any of the stops so not sure what they had. I carried all my nutrition and used neutral support for more water (motorcycles handing out the bottles). I think it is def geared towards the folks trying to get under the 4 hours so they probably don’t put much thought in the stops (not defending them at all). I thought it was great but I had different expectations I guess. I wanted to do it this year (was my A race in my mind) but my wifes cousin is getting married on that day ugh!

From reading what others said I might have a jaded opinion but
Motorcycle neutral support with water handups
dinner night before
food, music and drinks afterward

Looking back I might be biased because of my position during the ride (race). I never planned on stopping so had no care what was at the aid stations. I never saw much sketchiness because of where I positioned myself during the ride.

I will def do it next year and target it hard core.

Opinions will differ dramatically depending on your goals. Going for Sub 4 it’s pretty well supported. If you’re just out to do a century you will be left disappointed. I did it last year for the first time and finished Sub 4 so I was happy with everything. I have friends who have done it in years prior just to ride a century and they were left disappointed with the rest stops including running out of water at one. I will be doing it again this weekend. Was hoping for a top 5 in Masters but life and a knee injury got in the way. Still planning on going Sub 4 and picking up my second buckle.

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Nice! Good luck out there! I def will do it again next year was really disappointed when I found out I would be busy for it ugh. If you don’t mind me asking what was your time.

Thanks! Finished in 3:52 last year which was good for a top 20 finish.

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Nice! I bet you finished with a few guys that went with me. They were in the 3:52-3:53 mark.

I finished in 3:47.

Nice job! You were at the pointy end. There was 10-15 of us that finished together. I was toward the back when the split happened going into Lebanon. Thought I was in a decent position and then all of a sudden the middle of the group blew apart. Had to make an effort to get up to what I think became the second group. Got lucky that one of the sag vehicles happened to be coming by when it all happened. They gave me a little tow up to the next group in the road.

Thanks! Yeah I was with the last 10-12 riders. Ended up 6th think I could have done better but didn’t know where the finish was rookie mistake. Looked at my garmin said 99.9 and crossed the finish line lol.

Too funny! My whole goal was to go Sub 4. Once I knew that was going to happen and the finish line was in site I sat up when other guys started sprinting. I’ve been kicking myself ever since for not sprinting to the line. I finished with 99.8 on my Garmin. It will be interesting to see how things change this year with the new Start/Finish location.

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Let me know how it goes!

I’m doing it this year. Heading down with 3 friends. Looking forward to it.

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Awesome good luck have fun!