Road to Leadville - SSB I Mid Volume FASTED [ Completed - Results ]

Hi all, I just finished SSB1 Mid Volume and here are my results.

First of all, I’d like to mention that I while this worked for me, it may not work for you. I started this plan on January 22nd, weighing in at 221lbs with an FTP of 260. My goal for this year to be fit for Leadville, with an FTP of 320+ and weight around ~190lbs.

To help accomplish this, I decided to start intermittent fasting. My fast right now is a 16:8 ratio. Note that I worked myself up to the 16-hour fast. Each week, I went up an hour from 12 hours until I hit the 16-hour mark. This means most workouts are done in a fasted state.

My food intake has been very consistent, I’ve been trying to stay on the Paleo bandwagon. This means a lot of sweet potatoes, cauliflower rice, healthy fats, and protein.

I tried to follow the SSB1 Mid Volume plan to a T, except for 2 Sundays, the first Sunday instead of the TR workout I decided to go XC skiing(fasted) and the second Sunday day I opt to do a 30 min Dans(not fasted) ride. I usually do my workouts in the early morning hours, 5 times a week.

SSB1 Mid Volume 1

Fasted FTP: 260

Weight: 221lbs

Link to my TR Account

At the end of the plan, my results are:

March 5th

Fasted FTP: 270

Weight: 207.6

Total weight lost in 42 days= -13.4

I will keep this intermittent fasting up for as long as I can and will keep updating you guys!

My Structure TR plan for Leadville

  • Sweet Spot Base I Mid Volume :white_check_mark:

  • Sweet Spot Base II Mid Volume

  • Sustained Power Build

  • Cross-Country Marathon


Congrats! Saw on your account you’re down to 201, nice!

Out of curiosity, around what time of day do you fast? Also, what time of day do you ride?

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I start my fasts right after dinner so around ~6pm and start eating breakfast around ~10am. My workouts are early in the morning. I’m almost done with SSB Mid Volume 2 and all of the workouts were completed in a fasted state.

This is interesting. I also do most of my workouts first thing in the morning (around 430 - 500 am). Since I’m up early, I’m usually in a fasted state. I have found that I need carbs for the 1:30+ workouts though. Otherwise I just fall apart. FWIW, I’m also about to finish SSBII Mid (next week) in the pursuit of Leadville this summer. I’m currently in the Purple corral (not sure how much that will matter with the new staggered start times?). I’m hoping to move up to green with a good finish at the Tahoe 100k this summer (I need to be 14 minutes faster than last year to get sub 6 hours). Since I’m doing structured training for the first time, I feel this is easily attainable. I’m fully drinking the TR coolaid! Told my girlfriend last week that I feel in better shape NOW then I did for Tahoe last summer.

How do you feel for your longer workouts being fasted? Are you still hitting the power marks?

That’s great! I bet you’ll get your 14 minutes and get the sub-6-hour finish!

In terms of the longer works outs, I seem to hit my power targets no problem. I do feel the pain but, I think I’d still feel the pain whether I had carbs or not.

Another thing to add is that it’s only 2 hours of pain, for Leadville you gotta get ready to suffer for more than 2 hours.

I’ll see you in Tahoe this summer! I’ll be doing the Tahoe 100 to get a better corral as well!

I guess I shouldn’t have said I “fall apart”. It’s more of a wall that I just feel. I notice when I fuel more like I would for a long outdoor ride I do well. I’ve actually stayed VERY on target as far as completing all the workouts as described.

Are you in the Northern California area? I’m in Auburn. I can’t wait for Tahoe! Was signed up for Carson City as well but the date change didn’t work so I had to pull out this year. I’m doing the Lost and Found 60 mile course too. Keep us posted on your progress!

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I live in Reno, NV, Let me know when you’re in the area! I don’t see you before, I might see you at Lost and Found!

Just out of curiosity…how many calories per day are you eating and what do your macros look like?

I’m not tracking my calorie intake or macros. Lunch is my biggest meal which includes some sort of meat, sweat potatoes, broccoli, quinoa, cauliflower rice, asparagus, kale, ect. I stay away from sugar and refined carbs, but I do treat myself to a beer or glass of wine at the end of the week.