Riser drop bars

Hi all,
Just wondered if anyone had experience of these on a road or gravel bike? I have a Canyon and with their unusual stem clamp size (1 1/4) it’s difficult to get a stem that will put the stock bars exactly where I want them.
I’m one of those folks who has long legs and arms so need a high saddle height which means I also have quite a saddle to bar drop on my bikes. My gravel bike has the same saddle height and the bars are 15mm higher and I can ride that for hours without pain.
I was looking at stems that will fit but there aren’t that many out there to choose from and thought something like a specialized hover bar was a good solution without it costing bonkers amounts of cash.
So as the stem is already flipped, has anyone else done this on a road bike to aid fit and how did it work out? Any suggestions as to make/model?

Thanks in advance for any input/comments.

Every Specialised Roubaix and I think Domane has these, they’re a good option. Something like this would work:


I ran a Ritchey Comp ErgoMax for a brief time while I got back into cycling.

They provided a 10mm rise, that was great at the time, helped take the edge off as I got more comfortable on the bike again.

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I’ve got a set of Surly Truck Stop bars on a bike that I was out of stem option on. working for me.

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