Rim width 17/23mm versus 19/26mm? (Also big brand v Chinese)

So, following v.helpful advice abour rim depth I was just about to order a pair of 9velo 40mm wheels for £500, but I’ve just come across a second hand but unused Giant SLR1 42mm wheelset (old version) for the same price.

The SLR1s are worth a lot more new (£1000 ish and the 9velos are £600ish without discount), but the 9velos are the same weight and a fair bit wider. (SLR 1 17mm internal, 23mm external, 9velo 19mm internal 26mm external.)

I normally run 25mm GP5000s and would like the option to run 28mm too.

Currently head says 9velo - surely be faster with 25mm and 28mm tyre, and I’ll have warranty and crash replacement. Heart’s undecided. Giants will match my bike!

Also, not sure whether rrp price difference represents better quality or just the Giant name…

All thoughts/opinions much appreciated!

Wider generally equals faster, all else being equal. But without knowing rim profiles, hub model (ie bearing drag), spoke type/lacing/tension, its hard to predict which will actually ride faster and/or better. According to your link, the Giants have DT 360 hubs which might be enough to trump it for me; but used wheels are always a risk for reliability/safety, especially with rim brakes.

Personally, I put more stake in the hubs than the rims (I have Hope hubs on all my bikes, with a range of Nextie, WTB and Hope own-brand rims), my reasoning is that midrange vs expensive rims is mostly marketing but midrange vs expensive hubs is some engineering/manufacturing too.

PS Giant is from Taiwan which is just as irrelevant as saying that 9Velo is from China or Huffy is from the USA. Geography =/= quality.

Thanks Joe, much appreciated.

Of course you get good and bad stuff everywhere, but I think there is a Big Brand v Chinese Brand choice to make when buying wheels. The established brands are not from China, and there’s a bunch of Chinese brands competing with them that tend to be cheaper. For the Chinese brands I’m thinking of Winspace, Light Bicycle etc.

In my mind both wheelsets are super narrow: even 19 mm is not great and I wouldn’t buy rims that are only 17 mm wide internally. For comparison, my wheels have an internal width of 25 mm.


You mean 25mm internal width for road? Wow :slight_smile:

In today’s market, a 17mm internal width is antiquated. I would avoid those, personally.


That’s pretty normal these days. Zipp’s 303S also have 25 mm internal width. 21 mm is rare, 19 mm is antiquated and 17 mm is ancient.


I’d avoid both and look for a wider, more modern set of wheels.

Lightbicycle are know for good wheels at good prices.