Riding Outdoors is Boring!

I use trainerroad for structure training and Zwift for visuals and group riding. I really like riding with people(even virtually) as it motivates me and keeps the time fly. As of now, it is not possible to ride outdoors with others due to the pandemic. The weather is also nice but I really don’t like to go out for a 4 hour ride alone as I will easily get bored and loose motivation.

Zwift endurance group rides really keep me motivated and I can easily go long. Is anyone else in the same situation as me?


Solo outside rides are good for my heart and soul. Something about setting your own path. I’m more solitary than most in general, and actually enjoy the freedom to think about as much or as little as I want on the bike.

Recharge happens from those little escapes. I still enjoy a fair share of group rides (real and virtual), but solo is something worthy IMHO.


Agreed with Chad. I find the most fun and recharging rides are where I go out and don’t focus on training or riding hard. I may go slow it fast, but I always seem to pay extra attention to surroundings, sounds, smells, temperature, etc. When I do a training ride, I’m focused on the power and speed, but little else. When it is just a fun ride, I switch off and let the mind wander.


Short answer. No.

I didn’t buy a bike to ride TR or any other training application. I brought my bike in the hope I could hold onto some of my youth. To date, I think it’s working.

When I’m on my own, like now, I sometimes unclip my cleats and lift my feet in the air or ride with no hands on the bars or see if I can still ‘pop a wheelie’. I do those things and I’m smiling from ear-to-ear.

I race bikes when I can but deep down, I’m no bike racer and if I’m honest, COVID19 has shown me that I don’t miss it. My team mates are bashing themselves silly in ZWIFT races and I’m just not able to get onboard with it. It’s not why I have a bike.

COVID19 has given me a chance to reflect on what I was doing and the opportunity to see what I was missing.

I love my solo Sunday. Long may it continue.


Solo works for me also. I’m perfectly happy to head out for 4+ hrs by myself. Longest I’ve done on the bike is about 7 hrs. Longest solo hike I think was about 14 hrs on Mt Whitney years ago. There’s something about heading out into the middle of nowhere by yourself that feels refreshing. Riding indoors works for me only in short doses.


I will go contrarian but for a different reason. With a wife and two kids under 4, I can get three hours in on the trainer without threat of mechanical or flat, odds are I’m taking it. Now, I still get out on my own and it is cathartic, but practicality demands the Zwift/TR combo for my long rides more often than not.


Yep as above - NO - getting outside is great especially if the weather is nice. I race time trials and love group rides with my mates as well but any outdoor ride beats sitting on the trainer. BUT…for performance gains, structured training and if it’s wet/dark or you only have 60-90mins TR wins hands down. So mix it up as most of us do - long zone 2 outside - structure on the turbo with TR - simples! :grin:


I have to agree that no, outdoor rides are not boring. But, I suppose it depends on where you live, your options, and what you’re seeking.

To echo the other comments, whether on the road or the trail, getting outside for me is invigorating, whether in the hot summer sun or bundled against rain or hail or snow. Enjoying the scenery, clearing the mind, or focusing and thinking about something, all of it is possible.

Clearly you’re enjoying and needing the social side. Maybe check (again?) for local riders to get out with, recruit a friend to try it, etc. Or, perhaps you need to find a new outdoor route to explore. Or just stick with what works for you.

I typically ride solo, though not always by design. It’s a matter of schedule, fitness, and focus. I’ve gotten used to it and rather enjoy it, though at times there are moments of boredom. But, there’s also the opportunity to meet someone out on the ride and share the ride even if just for a segment, an hour, or whatever. (And most often I never see them again…)

(Sometimes you don’t need human interaction to make a ride interesting. From a solo road ride near the end of a long climb. I heard the bells around the corner as I was riding up a long hill. They came moseying down and there wasn’t a human in sight. )


I sometimes struggle with solo outdoor rides. What helps me get out is having a destination in mind, but not a specific route

If I plot out an entire route for a solo ride I end up with goals and structure creeps in (even if it isn’t training specific structure) and I end up in a crummy place

However, if I say I’m going to end up at a certain breakfast spot, or ice cream parlor, and that’s the only thing on my mind, then the solo ride is a great way to mentally recharge


Yea I get ya. I’m not a ‘go out and noodle for 4 hours solo’ kind of person. I’ve found lately after about 40 miles I’m ready to be back home. I need some sort of structure or goal, preferably a couple at different points throughout the ride, or motivation of other people to go riding with to be out for hours.

So in the meantime I’m out doing 40 miles with 2 or 3 segments in mind to really smash it. Hard intervals are my mental reset, and then I’ll come home and sit on my patio with a beverage and a book (or take a nap) for my mental recharge.


Are you having mechanicals / flats so regularly that fear of them and not returning on time actually keeps you from riding outside? That scenario would destroy my world.


I mostly ride solo outside. More than ever now. 4 hours on boring, car infested roads is way different than beautiful scenery on trails or remote roads.


Has happened to me, in forest road 40km from home, two flats in row, no more spares and no repair kit with me. Rode home very-very carefully :slight_smile:
Week after that switched to tubeless, not a single flat since then (~4k km outdoor rides)


Yes, that’s my point. Sure it might happen, but hopefully so rarely that it shouldn’t have to enter into daily calculus for whether there’s enough time to do the ride. And/or make adjustments to equipment, like you did going tubeless.

No, not at all and didn’t mean to imply that. It did happen last Saturday where I flatted 6 miles into my ride and was unable to fix it roadside. Haven’t had that happen in a few years.

But I wasn’t able to do that ride since it didn’t happen right then due to kids, etc. Trainer ensures I don’t miss workouts for stuff like that. Definitely an advantage along with the time efficiency… the Kickr Core, TR and Zwift have been absolute game changers with the second kiddo. I didn’t ride for a year after the first.

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Couldn’t agree more. I enjoy cycling along.


Maybe I am just too obsessed with my average speed. It has been hard comparing my zwift mileage and outdoor mileage for the same watts. They are nowhere close.

Count me in as someone that loves outdoor solo rides. Don’t get me wrong, I love group rides too and social rides, and rides with my son, but a nice big solo ride outdoors is among my favorite things. My first century last year was nearly 6 hours by myself and I had a blast.


When I do a Gran Fondo I find I am stuck in no mans land most of the time. Too fast for one group and too slow for the other. I find that when I go out with others we spend more time going single file for the cars we don’t actually socialise.


Similar for me. I only ride my road bike on the turbo.

When I ride outside it’s normally on an old hardtail and with the misses. So super relaxed stuff.

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