Ride tracking(live)

I am looking for ride tracking softwares/devices. I am using a Garmin edge 820 and the tracking feature drains the battery much quicker and won’t be really useful for long rides. I came across some dog tracking devices on amazon. Have you tried those and how reliable are they? I am also looking for other options out there ranging from phone apps to dedicated devices.

edit: does strava live tracking quickly drain the phone battery?

I’ve found that the Road ID tracking app uses less battery than Garmin Livetrack on my iPhone.

what was the longest ride you did with the tracking on your iphone enabled? how much battery %age did you loose?

google live tracking on your mobile ?

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I used to use Strava beacon on my rides, I don’t recall it draining the battery too terribly quickly, but I was already using Strava as my primary ride tracker so it was already doing a bit of a number on my phone battery. These days I use a Wahoo bolt which has its own live tracking email link which has worked fine so far.

Finally did an outdoor ride today and on my Garmin 520 with live track enabled battery usage was ~16% (was fully charged and at end of ride was at 84% left). This was for 1.5 hours ride.

From what I’ve seen online the 530 has better battery life than the 520.

Quarq made a device called a Qollecter, but I can’t seem to find it on their website. There are also satellite trackers that are separate devices.

I have a 530 but have yet to use the live-track feature. My wife follows me on trusted contacts through Google. It simply uses my phone location. She can look me up any time and it uses no additional battery. We use it for our kids and it seemed like it would come in handy for my cycling.


Thanks! I will try that soon.

I use WhatsApp live tracking, share with the wife. Sometimes the updates are behind for reason. Always have issues with garmin live track. I do use it still linking with strava beacon as she gets an SMS from strava whilst garmin does email notification

Cool workaround for sending SMS texts when an app (like Garmin / Wahoo live tracking) only offer email -> many cellular providers have a way to receive texts sent via email. Google your carrier for their email formula.

In USA with Verizon, for example:

I put that as an email recipient in Live Track and they come as texts!

We use a small Spot device.
It is based only on satellites so it doesn’t rely on a cell phone or cellular connection. If I’m out on a solo ride, my SO can just look up on the app where I am. If I’m stopped for a longer period of time the dot type changes on the map. We mostly got it so if one of us is on a solo ride and takes much longer than expected or something, we can see where that person is and if they’re still moving. I also like that I can make route changes on the fly and don’t feel the need to let my SO know so he doesn’t worry.
Their service charge has continued to go up over the years, but I prefer to have peace of mind. Also we ride in many places where there isn’t good cell service. And I don’t want to drain my other electronics’ batteries.

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Looking for feedback from those who use Wahoo live tracking. I tried it yesterday and when I looked at the link while on the road, it only showed the first few minutes of my ride (up to the first red light I encountered). When I checked, I had ridden over an hour. When I got home and checked again, the link showed only the point from where I had checked it and back home, not the rest of the ride.

I had the companion app running in the background with background refresh on and location access on “while using.” The text link was used and sent successfully to my girlfriend’s phone and that’s the link I was using to check the tracking.

Anything I’m missing? Thanks.

I was having problems a while back. Wahoo support had me do a bunch of things including changing location access to always. It’s been working fine ever since. I normally have location manually disabled on my phone so this wasn’t a problem for me.

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My wife and I just use the “Find My Friends” app on our iPhones. Its set and forget and always on. It does not show a track but its highly accurate as to current location.

It puts no noticeable drag on battery life. Actually I think it just piggybacks on location sharing that’s already going on in the background anyway unless you’ve totally locked your phone down.

Tried again today with location always on. Acted the same so not going to bother with it. :man_shrugging:

Thanks for the help.