Ride Photos / Action Shots!

Great photos! I literally thought you somehow managed a chin mounted GoPro and a tail light to the back of your head, :joy:.


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Haha I didn’t even notice this until you pointed it out!

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Glad to hear you enjoyed Taiwan! I live and work in Taipei.

Did you come w/a group of friends?

I’m very envious! I was very impressed by the nice roads close to Taipei and going inland through the mountains really blew me away, what a beautiful island.

I was there with a bunch of people doing a recon ride for Horizons Cycling - testing hotels and the route they want to include in their trip portfolio.

I have enjoyed doing a couple XC races (so far) this year. The last one was pretty wet and muddy but very fun. My “A Race” this year is an off-road triathlon so these are good practice for the bike section.


This is such a fun PNW Series! Great shot too!

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Me in action during the Ashley TT. It was pretty slow for 9.8 miles (28.13) but there was a small matter of 610ft, although I probably lost most time coming down :joy:


Finish line photo from a (muddy) gravel stage race last weekend (courtesy of MTCX Ski, Bike, Events…wearing red)


A couple of pics of me being on aero again! although I must have been more aero than my previous 2017 pb as I was a minute and 22 seconds faster on the same frame and wheels (different bars, helmet and skinsuit though) for the same power and I’m only about 2.5kg lighter now. 42.48 for the 16.8mile course which has three ascents of the 7.6% Ufford Hill.


Couple of shots of me taking on the Col de la Madone for the first time, yesterday morning.

Loved every minute :sunglasses:


My first overall 1st place!


My old booty on my new bike.


Was that the Gravel Epic? Or West Coast Gravel?

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I got 6th in the Gravel Epic and then 1st on West coast. Long course. Our team (Flywheel) won 1st both days


Been trying to get a decent pic descending for a while. I arrived late enough to Sa Calobra to find the photographer on the way down for once and I was moving, but I’ve got a picture from the entry of corner rather than in it :joy:

Next time


Congrats. It’s a tough double.


Heavy guy on a light bike. I’m a little late posting this picture from the Port Gamble xc race on April 21 (part of the West Side Mountain Bike Series).

The course was blast and the post-race ride of the other trails at Port Gamble was amazing too. It’s worth the drive for anyone in the PNW who hasn’t been there.


Came in second at my local TT (plus duathlon event). Only a couple shots of me during a lap plus a glamorous post finish rolling shot lol.


Here are two shots of me at the Berner Rundfahrt first picture is from 2023 of me pulling the group. Second one is me trying to hold on to the people in front of me at the end of the Climb in 2024


Those roads look pretty bad! Lots of holes!

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