RGT Cycling acquired by Wahoo = "Wahoo X"

This shouldn’t be hard, though. Apple Maps, Google Maps, and probably others have somewhat realistic depictions of buildings and general landscape such as trees, fields, etc. It seems to me like Wahoo RGT could pair with the right map provider for this underlying data and then overlay the right textures.

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The limit is 100km:

Think that’d be fine for most. I definitely wouldn’t want to ride a longer route than that on a trainer :grimacing:


As I said in an earlier comment, the biggest takeaway is the pricing pressure Wahoo/RGT/Sufferfest (or Systm) places on competitors. Investors in Zwift will instantly look at the potential for reduced profits with a price reduction and loss of users. Other platforms like TR will have to look at it the same way since the above training ecosystem is less expensive and more comprehensive. A merger with another party to offer more features and, likely, a price reduction would have to be in the table.

Entertainment/ amusement yeah not bothered but…

Would be good if some landscape features / building were included… like I know from this black and white house to the water tower is the main climb then when you are actually on the course in real life its easier to think oh yeah this is that climb etc.

A local TT course is already on there… lets just say I didnt recognised it at all. It was only when I saw it upload to strava I was WTF.

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Yeah, stuff like “learning” the course with related landmarks is more what I was getting at. “Riding” and experiencing the general grade and turns is better than nothing, but random graphics are not on par with the “experience” that many have done by using Rouvy in particular, to “preride” courses for a better overall experience.

I agree, the current MR distance and time limit is not a killer for plenty of riders. But it falls short in the context to which I was replying, related to full distance IM stuff. As mentioned, there’s ways to handle most of that, but the scenes is still a shortcoming in that case.

I do like the idea of MR’s and even got to upload a local course. But I never got around to trying the premium level of RGT to test it.


Interestingly, the CT article linked says “CT understands the previously rumored Zwift/TR merger/acquisition is now off”

Anyone know if you can try the magic roads on the trial subscription? I seem to recall you could not the last time I tried it.

Quick searching shows that MR might be a premium only feature, but I’m still searching.

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Premium only. But it works in during the trial period.


Just to add - always smooth your gpx files (using something like GPXmagic) before e-mailing them in. It makes the magic roads way better to ride (avoids big jumps in gradient, kinks in the road, overly sharp turns etc.). RGT should really make it more clear that step is needed.

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  • Wahoo RGT should do this automatically… in order to simplify the process and make for happier riders. Remove a step that should be included via their process, and give better routes to riders who shouldn’t have to take an extra step outside of the RGT process :stuck_out_tongue:

yes the magic roads are good if you know where you are at as the scenery does not match what you would see outside. That is the trickiest part but it is very accurate to the route. I do zwift but get on RGT at times and do the free route. I don’t think that will still be the case now.

Edit: but the racing is where it is at with RGT and drafting is so good. Personally this is great as if Wahoo can up RGT’s game in all areas and give it more love I will let Zwift go.


They should indeed :+1:

They said on one of their podcasts that they were already doing some R&D on this, so hopefully magic roads will display scenery that’s much closer to the real life route at some point in the future (hopefully sooner now they’ve got all this investment!).

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I just want to hit on a single point here, pricing:

Wahoo X = $14.99 USD per Month
$129 USD per Year, $10.75 USD per Month equivalent

Zwift = $14.99 USD per Month (no discount options)

TrainerRoad = $19.95 USD per Month
$189 USD per Year, $15.75 USD per Month equivalent

  • If that doesn’t have Zwift and TrainerRoad (among others) worried… they should be. I know packages all differ and Wahoo SYSTM is far from a complete parallel to TR. Both have features the other lacks, along with the clear overlap. None of these apps are perfect, but if Wahoo X really blends well, it sure looks like a decent option on the surface at least, when price factors in.

  • Adding a bit, I see more potential for Z users hopping to WX considering what they gain by swapping. TR to WX is a harder sell for me, but that is from my own needs and preferences. There are some interesting features in WX. If the blend there is enough for current TR users, and adds RGT in place of Z or other options, I can see that swap case. Interesting times for sure.


Wow. I just had a look at that and I think I need a serious tutorial. Definitely a vote for “Wahoo needs to figure out how to make this easy”.

And I hope they fix the dumb RGT file that you need to download and then upload to Garmin Connect after your ride. Yes it is a thing and I hate it but I do realize not everyone uses Garmin Connect.

For basic smoothing you just need to do these steps:

  1. Open GPXmagic V3

  2. Click on the “Load GPX file” button (top-left) and select your source gpx file.

  3. Click on the “One-Click Quick Fix!” button. That’ll smooth the route.

  4. Click on the “Save GPX file” button. You then just need to e-mail RGT that new gpx file.

That’s usually all you need for making a route rideable.
If you want to make specific changes to corners etc. it takes a bit more work, but there’s a video option for each tool showing how to use them.


I agree, I currently subscribed to TR/Zwift and Wahoo, TR for the training plan, I like Zwift for the races and endurance rides, and Wahoo for the Yoga and strength, but something has to give, especially with summer coming, RGT wasn’t on the radar, lack of riders

So I was going to drop Wahoo, and find another way to do the Yoga, but this changes that, now I’m thinking I’ll drop zwift, I mean, if I want to race, with the upturn in users there might even be more races, and I’ll save myself some money, and if Wahoo started doing custom workouts (like they have promised) … well that TR account looks under treat as well

It’s a fairly large price difference (TR + Zwift (to do training and races)) to Wahoo, and I can see a lot of people being pulled in that direction just by the price


https://www.rgtcycling.com/faq/ & Making GPX courses for RGT - Google Docs

The problem is “garbage in, garbage out” and no “automatic processing” would make it not true. GPXmagic’s quick click fix is far from perfect. It’s a great time saver but I would not trust it completely as I often experienced newly introduced “kinks” by the algorithm. Also it’s not the greatest when dealing with crappy DEM.

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I know a fair number of TR users who use the free RGT version. One article states the free option will remain, but I wonder if that’s forever? If that free option goes away, I see mainly payed options for “entertainment” as the only ones remaining (video or virtual cycling, along with most streaming video services).

At that point, Wahoo X seems like a strong contender.