Return from sickness / absence

Just a quick ask; I’ve been off the bike for about 7 weeks now, a combo of November off season and illness as I managed to contract Bronchitus, (real) Flu then sinus infection throughout that period, ending tomorrow feeling better and finishing a course of antibiotics.

Of course, Christmas is approach and the old ego says “make up for lost time!” but in reality, I guess I should be making a slow return, enjoying the Christmas excess and seeing the Endurance part of my training through.

But, anything else (other than dry Jan) I could do that would get me fitter & lighter before the first XC B Race late March?

Any tips gratefully received.

That’s basically it, start with some Z2 rides see how you go, progress from there. Don’t try too much too soon unless you want to end up further back by March.

You can’t really make up for lost time, but you can ease into it to mimise the risk of another setback.

If you have a few days off over Christmas, just going for easy outdoor rides might be a good way back.

Thanks, I’ve a 45 minutes interval session tonight, then 2 x 1hr Z2 each day for the next 2 days, then rest until Boxing Day. Similar schedule next week.

Thats and some decent sleep should be OK.