Rest day luxury

Pretty sure most of us(myself included) don’t have the luxury of completely sitting down on a rest day. I train more than 10 hours/week and I sometimes go out to get groceries on my mountain bike on rest days. It is just a 2km ride(out and back) but that for now does not really seem to affect my recovery.

What do you guys do in order to get the most recovery benefit on your rest day(s) given that you don’t have the luxury of completely staying in your home?

I just do my normal routine on Monday’s, which is my day off the bike. I’ve been walking a lot lately because I have a 3 year old who’s not in daycare due to Covid and I need to expend his energy. Usually about 10,000 steps, which for a 3 year old is like 1 million steps. So far haven’t seen any problems staying recovered.

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In general, Throughout the week I’ve been trying to lay down on the couch instead of sitting and taking an afternoon nap if possible. Considering it’s my wife and 2 young daughters, it’s not tough while we watch Frozen for the 38th time in a week. I have Sunday as a rest day, I don’t go overboard but try to focus on getting yard work done on Saturday. Doing more walking than normal, but that’s probably improving mental health with the current situation.

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I’m a student and work part time in a restaurant, so unfortunately it’s very rare that I have a day off of both of those things. So i’m generally on my feet most of the day, and probably a bit more stressed than I should be.
It’s certainly not ideal, but I think if you’re used to managing those stressors daily it can be functional to some degree.

My recovery is usually divided by longer work day and helping in garden (so basically doing the hard work, a lot of digging and walking with 20kg of water when watering plants - there should be TSS calculation for that!). I do not remember recovery day when I have done nothing.

I am a student too! all my classes are online so I don’t have to keep walking to classes now which I used to do even on recovery days. I am able to manage those daily life stressors but I have increased my training volume and can feel the fatigue lingering. I am shifting from a 8-10 hour week to a 14+ hours of riding per week. I am able to recover for the next day of training but the tiredness lingers which wasn’t the case before. I think I might be adding too much volume per week. I guess I need to gradually ramp it up.

this. Don’t go overboard, let your body adapt.

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About ramp rate:

Also, if you use, Fitness graph can be configured to show your ramp rate.