Resistance impossible at end of interval

Hi I have an elite drivo and am having issues in erg mode. If I’m doing intervals such as vo2 when getting tired towards the end of the session if I ease off the pedals when dropping from 400w to 170w the resistance on my trainer makes it impossible to turn the pedals. I then spend my recovery trying hard to get the cadence back up and my next interval starts and I’ve not had any recovery. Can anyone help me with regards to solving this issue? Thanks.

For some trainers, backspinning for a few seconds will make them disengage the resistance. When you get to the recovery, try backspinning for 10 seconds, and then quickly spinning back up. You should be able to get back up to a reasonable spin without fighting through the low-cadence molasses.

Alternatively, if you’re fading before the end of the interval, try backspinning when you’d normally ease off (or dropping the interval intensity a few percentage points until you’re not fading by the end).