Requesting input on best TP for Sprint Tri Late Summer. Hope this thread can help many with same

Sprint Tri 750/20/5, Sat Aug 20.

Very stuck on, not interested in changing: Cycling-only TP, managing swims & runs manually, outside TR.

Current plan, Rolling RR Specialty ends wk of Jun 19 – Jun 25. Seeking best 8 wk block starting wk of Jun 26 – Jul 2, ending at event Aug 20. Really like the idea of 2 wk taper that comes w the specialty TPs.

[Life caused a series of interruptions to my current RRR TP such that it hasn’t been as intense as intended. I’m doing another specialty, do not want to do Base or Build; not needed and want to go into my event fresh off strong focus on Threshold.]

I want WOs weekly to be VO2, Thresh, Thresh. Main focus on Thresh, w some VO2 work to stretch upper limits. Feel quite sure on this, but I am open to recos to change this! : )

No TPs do this weekly pattern.

Strongly looking @ 40K TT Specialty, 100% thresh, and manually changing 1st WO of each wk to VO2. Going to make the 2 difficult workouts each wk Wed & Fri, put the moderate on Mon, and manually swap those for VO2. Keep the Thresh progression on pace no matter what, dial back intensity on VO2 Mondays if necessary.

2nd choice Climbing RR Spec; Weekly is VO2, VO2, Thresh, manually change Wednesday VO2 to Thresh.

Appreciate all thoughts and input.

I do the same thing with cycling withing TR and managing my own running and swimming. What I dont do is stick a plan on the calendar. As you said, no training plan does what you want, so I completely manage it myself. I use the PLs and TrainNow to get a suggestion of what I want to do for the day. Obviously they dont always suggest a workout that you want to do (sometimes the Climbing workout is a SS not a Threshold) and on those days I just use the filter options to select a productive (or a stretch if I am feeling like things have been easy for a while) workout of the type that I want.

I just use TR as a training tool and workout finder/player at the moment. Might that change in the future? Yeah. But then again I am pretty happy being properly self coached and accountable to myself.

I can see how you would want the ease of just sticking a plan on there and the 40k TT would be a reasonable option, but as you said youd be swapping out one of the workouts anyway.

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