Request for pointers on a short uphill ITT

Hi all,

I’ve just signed up with TR again after a multi-year hiatus. I’m currently on Zwift which I’ve been using for general fitness. However, I’m looking to compete in a short hill ITT (approx. 3km @ 9%) in just over 2 months out.

I’ll like to achieve fitness gains based on the time I have, which is basically 3 rides totaling to 5 hours a week. Which unfortunately isn’t a lot. I’m convinced a structured training plan with TR will give me most bang for buck.

I’ll like to put in a decent performance given it’ll be the last race I’ll join before the second kid comes along. I’ve done this climb many times before, which isn’t far from where I live, and have raced the ITT before as well. So fortunately no need to spend much time on recon.

I’ve gone into the training plan too and have taken the default plan offered which focuses on sweet spot training. It’s reasonable for me to focus on building a base. However, what it doesn’t seem to recognise is I just want to go eyeballs out as fast as possible during that 3km.

If there’s anything of particular use or interest, please kindly shout out.

Many thanks in advance.

Maybe the polarised plans would be better for you. 4-8minute intervals. Get you used to working like that.

Guessing around 10mn full gas give or take?

VO2 intervals x2 a week including hill reps on the segment itself with steady progression and pad the rest with Z2/rest would be my starting point.

@jnye131 thank you! I’ve unlocked the Polarised plans and have incorporated into my build phase whilst keeping most of the base phase from the original plan.

@Armadillo thank you! I will put in the segment hill reps on my training calendar.

Pop a wheelie :wink: