Replacement for Longfellow in last week of base block


I’m in the last week of base block: - TrainerRoad

Here, in Poland there is more restricted period of time and nurseries will be closed.
That’s why I won’t be able to finish 4-hour ride.
Do you think just Laurentian in the last week of base block will be enough?
My last ride in previous week was 3:45.
Just wonder if not doing Longfellow and instead Laurentian for example will affect somehow my build block?


Basically you won’t get the very long endurance experience from it, so your next long ride in build may be a bit harder. But if you can’t do the planned workout, by all means do the workout that you can do - and I’d agree that a similar endurance ride like Laurentian is a good fit. Consider if you can do the “second half” at some other point in the same day or not so optimal, the next day.

Yeah, I’d just do as much as you can and not worry too much about it- national restrictions are outside of all our control. Backing it up with another endurance ride would definetly be good, but failing that I don’t think the difference between a 3h 45m and a 4h 15min ride is too huge, so I wouldn’t imagine it would interrupt your overall progression significantly.

Out of curiosity (I couldn’t quite tell from your posts)- have you been doing the long rides outside? I have been known to do the first half outside and then finish up on the trainer if I’m crunched for time and need to be at home for a lecture or something.

No, all my rides are on the trainer.
I do them during work when my daughter is in nursery.
That’s why this time I won’t be able to do the long ride :slight_smile:

Okay, well thinking ahead - at some point you do need to do the long rides in preparation for Ironman. A 2hrs maximum is really going to limit your potential for enjoying the bike leg.

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Yeah, I mean in the build block I will have the Longfellow once again.

I’m not preparing for Ironman :slight_smile:
Just used Full Triathlon as a base for my little bit modified plan. Only cycling & running workouts.
Very happy though with the results of this 12-weeks base block.
I was able to do Makalu (3h45) and have the Relative Effort (Strava) for this ride equal to 87, and my first long ride when starting this block was Beehive (2h) and I had Relative Effort equal to 78!

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So, in the end I’ve got a little bit sick after Monday’s V02Max workout (running nose & sore throat).
That means I was not able to finish any workout from last week of base block apart that one with V02Max.

Now, I’m not sure whether replay this last week or just do the recovery week after the base block and then start with the build block.