Replace VO2 Float Set with VO2 Sustained Intervals


I’m currently on Build phase of High Volume AT plan for Gran Fondo, and I have VO2 Float Sets, VO2 sustained intervals, Threshold and Sweet Spot work outs.

I really don’t like the Float Sets workouts, it’s not about its difficulty, I find them easier than the sustained efforts, but the ERG of my indoor trainer doesnt work well either my shifter (its a bike a use only for the trainer). So it’s pretty uncomfortable and tricky for me to do those fast pace changes, so I prefer the sustained intervals.

It’s ok to replace them? (for example a VO2 Float Set 5.1 PL replace it with a VO2 Sustained or traditional Interval 5.1 PL) or I miss any specific adaptations? Both of them target the same energy systems so I guess should be the same. I’m wrong?

No big deal to replace them. Usually the float sets have a less barrier to entry, but if one isn’t getting you the adaptations needed then replace it. You saying one is “easier” tells me that it wouldn’t give you the adaptation you are looking for.

alternatively, take your trainer off of erg and just go hard

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