Repeating the same workouts?

I have used TrainerRoad for about 2 years now and really enjoy it. I find it the best training tool on the market after using Sufferfest and Zwift(plus the TR podcast makes it even better). I am an engineer and numbers nerd. I am also someone who use to lift weights for about 10 years prior to getting serious about MTB training. I am very use to repeating the same workout just more weight or reps and struggle with the mixed variety of workouts that some of the plans offer. I would much rather repeat Antelope and Carson then try and follow the prescribed workouts for sweet spot mid volume for example. When I complete these workouts once I can benchmark myself and apply myself much better the next time knowing my past heart rate number, RPE, etc.

When it comes to the speciality phase I understand the body needs to see a variety of workouts, bucause racing it never by the book.

Anyone share this opinion or should I just harden up?

The plans have progressions in them. The types of workouts week to week generally stay the same they just get harder (more/longer intervals).

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I tend to do a few back to back base blocks so that is how i really compare to the same workout. You might not notice much difference within the same block when the intention is to get the workouts progressively more challenging. A little patience will go a long way.

After following the plans one winter and quitting many of the high intensity workouts I now only do sweetspot worksouts during winter, 12 weeks of either 3x12ā€™ or 2x20ā€™ at 85% during the week (early mornings) and 3x20ā€™ on weekends (total 5 or 6 per week). I then add VO2 and long rides outside as weather improves. I simply crank up my ftp as I feel Iā€™m improving.

I was inspired to try this by Kevin Metcalf and it really works for me. Iā€™m in my late 40s and still very competitive when I train as described above