Repeated days short vs staggered days long

Can I benefit from 5 days of 30-45 mins back to back versus 3 staggered days of 1-1.5 hours due to time crunched schedule

Yes, maybe, and no.

So much depends on:

  1. Your prior training history (days, tss, intensity, etc.). If you are coming from minimal training, it may work well. If you are coming from a deeper and wider history, it could fall well short of sufficient stimulus to drive adaptations.

  2. The specific workouts (intensity levels and duration of intervals) and sequencing (any variation between days) attached to your very rough outline.

Sorry to be so broad and unhelpful, but there is too little info in your single sentence to give any specific guidance. You need to look at (and provide) much more info if there is any chance on a reasonable guess based upon the supposition.

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