Regularity and weight

I know this sounds like a ridiculous question but hopefully you can hear me out.

Before Thanksgiving, I’d have 2 morning constitutionals and I’d take my bodyweight after those visits to the loo. My bodyweight was consistently 208-209 lbs. Since Thanksgiving, and I’m not sure why this is, I’d have 1 morning constitutional but then would have to visit the loo two more times during the day. I still weigh myself at the same time but am now sitting at 210-212 lbs, but this is before the two trips to the loo later in the day.

I have heard people joking about how instead of spending $10,000 on a super lightweight bike, just take a dump in the morning and save 2 lbs, but I’ve always thought it to be a joke and that’s it. Do bowel movements make up that much difference in weight? It honestly has never been on my mind until I started calorie counting and watching my weight.

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I noticed the correlation between the two when I started calorie tracking. Like you, my weight would shoot up for a period of time following a day or weekend of gluttony.
Just stay the course, and drink plenty of water. Eventually the thanksgiving leftovers will pass and things will be “regular” again.
This maybe a good thing to take notes on for future reference. Track what you ate, how it affected your weight and for how long. This might help you make better decisions later on if one type of food causes this more than others.

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Thanks! It’s a weird topic and I appreciate the reply.

I would think a pound or so per movement wouldn’t be too far off. A good chunk of the weight is water (which is pretty heavy) especially if your diet is pretty high in fibre.

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