Referral pain adductor to?

Hey!!! I’ve made massive gains in issues with pain and bike fit over the last few years. Thanks to Chad and reading Steve Hogg articles.

I’m getting this awful pain on my left leg it starts super high up inside by my groin or high adductor and refers to my outside knee and down my lateral shin tibialis anterior. It’s like a horrible deep ache. I sit windswept to the left. Left leg externally rotated and right internal rotation. I am working on it.

What is causing this awful referral pain??? I’m trying to figure out the muscle responsible. Everything I read shows trigger points to medial areas. Nothing I can find begins medial and moves lateral.

I’ve been for 5 pro bike fits also. I’m at a really good place now. Just this pain is incapacitating. If I stand to relieve it, it magnifies when I sit down for about a minute and then eases off but remains. It’s like the saddle is pressing on some nerve or something.

Any ideas would be appreciated.