Redo sustained build

I finished sustained power build mid volume I. The ramp test going into mid volume ii went up from 200 – 203. The next 4 weeks of sustained build was poor with a cold /virus so I did nothing for week 5 and a few endurance rides for weeks 6 7 and 8. Restarted sustained build from week 5 on the same FTP of 203 and struggled with most but just lowered the % or backpedalled when needed. Just finished ramp test before moving into climbing road race and was very disappointed to drop back to 196 FTP was expecting a small rise or staying at 203 FTP. Now to my question, I was due to start climbing road race mid volume 8 weeks that takes me up to hopefully a trip to the Alps to complete the marmotte. Should I continue with the program or revert back to sustained build ii and complete with the new 196 ftp. Thanks for any help.

PS I have completed the base program before moving onto build. Im 54 and was at 210 ftp and 3.00 power to weight before my trip to the alps last year.


Start climbing Road Race. Don’t look back.


Hi Mark. I hope I’m wrong but I’d be highly sceptical as to the chances of La Marmotte actually going ahead in September. Having a mass participation event like that with thousands all cramped together in the starting pens and aid stations is a recipe for disaster. I’d be very surprised if the situation improves enough for it to go ahead. Not sure if that would change the focus of your training or not, but something to consider.

Our flight is June 20th and its just 7 of us going. not confident of flight being on but as the saying goes “it aint over till the fat lady sings”.

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My own thoughts were repeating build would increase my FTP and fitness but I was looking forward to doing the specialty climb for a wee change.

The nature of the work in Climbing RR will probably raise your FTP some, and it would definitely leave you feeling better than re-building into that kind of effort.

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