Red Light Green Light is now available to all TrainerRoad athletes! 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉

Do I have to say, haha? It was 108.

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Yes, it looks like it’s because your overall TSS was lower before you began your current plan.

RLGL is comparing your current stress to what you’ve been doing lately, so if your stress was low before, you’ll see yellow and red days warning you not to ramp back up too quickly.

As you adapt to the higher level of training stress, you’ll probably get fewer yellow/red days. As you train, recover, and get more fit, the amount of stress you can productively manage changes.



It compares the training you’ve done today with your training history and warns to take it easy or rest tomorrow if necessary.

That is the How, the What is secret. The Why is still contentious for some.


Is there any way to have RLGL just reschedule your workouts? I’m on the low volume plan, so I’d rather it give me the option of moving my workout to the next day and letting me choose to make today a recovery workout instead of automatically just replacing it with recovery.

If you have two workouts in a day (like a lot of triathletes) does it have an order on precedence which sport to reduce on any given yellow day? Say if you have a Bike and swim or bike and run. I’ve found its only reduced one down and often it’s the swim. Any reason for that?

Think I’m going to disable this, at least until I can accept RLGL adaptations separately from AT ones.
(Ideally I’d be able to cherry pick individual adaptations regardless of source)

Why though? Always good to give detailed feedback :wink:

Because after some workouts, it wants to adjust some future workouts, which I’m happy with. But it also thinks I’m tired and wants to knock the next day’s down, even though I feel good (and have a rest day coming up)

I want to let AT do its thing, but decline the RLGL changes, and I can’t. And accepting all of the changes and then trying to put the following day back to how they were is a bit of a pain too.


You could perhaps dial down the conservativeness of RLGL (Account>Adaptive Training) and make it more aggressive.


The issue is that RLGL is meant to be guidance - not blindly followed, but used to inform our training. That’s why it offers adaptations after all, rather than just automatically changing things.

But it’s impossible to treat it as merely guidance if you also want to accept the suggestions offered by AT - which for many of us is one of the big selling points of TR.

I could dial up the aggressiveness, but I don 't always want to be aggressive. I want to be told if I’ve been overdoing it a bit, or a lot, and be allowed to make own decisions about how to proceed with that based on what my next few days look like and how I feel right now. Bundling the 2 sets of adaptations together makes it impossible to do that, and the RLGL adaptations essentially become mandatory.


But it keeps it simple and allows others to simply follow the training plan and guidance.

If you don’t want that simplicity you can skip the adaptations and/or accept them later.

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But if I’m skipping the AT adaptations, then it’s not really adaptive training anymore, it’s just a fixed training plan.

Or I could do what I initially said, and disable RLGL for now. I was asked to provide feedback why, which I feel I’ve adequately done.

If you skipped all of them all the time, instead of skipping today and accepting tomorrow, yes.

But then, I didn’t say that…

Very good!, but I still don’t understand this: if I have a yellow day in a day of rest - should I rest completely or should i do an endurance ride?

I don’t think I’ve got anything to add. I’d made a decision, mentioned it, was asked for feedback, which I gave. None of the replies address the fundamental issue I have and right now, for me, the benefits I’m getting from RLGL are outweighed by the hassles I’ve described.

I still think RLGL is a good idea and I’d definitely try it again if this is resolved.

Welcome to the TR community! :smiley:

If you have a yellow day that falls on a rest day, that sounds like it was timed about perfectly. You should stick with the originally planned rest day and that recovery will push you back into “green” (aka no color on your TR Calendar).

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Love the idea of RLGL. The AI isn’t very happy with me right now doing a 4 day MTB stage race with suboptimal training, pure user error! After the first stage it wanted me to take 2 red days and a yellow on day 4. Now I’m interested to see how many red days in a row I can get the system to give me!


Does anyone know the frequency that RLGL is calculated??

Ie once a day? Or after activities? How about after manually entering a running activity??

Just answered my question by manually adding a fictional activity, updated immediately :ok_hand:


Possible bug, sorry if its already been mentioned:

Yesterday I did a big MTB ride so naturally today is a red day. This of course triggers the adaption to make today a rest day and can the scheduled SS workout. However, I would prefer to move it to tomorrow, however it wont let me. It will let me move it to Thursday, so I thought I’d try that and then move it back to tomorrow, but it wont let me do that either. It will let me put it back to today though (which is the red day). Although I’m sure it let me last week. PSB.

Edit: 2 hours later, it has now allowed me to move the workout to tomorrow. :man_shrugging:t3:

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