Recurring metabolic testing

A local lab offers a membership that allows me to do up to 4 gas exchange tests in a 4 - 4.5 month period. The tests help measure and determine vo2max, fat max, thresholds, and ultimately training zones. I’ve never done a gas exchange test but I was told that it’s very similar to a ramp test.

I am currently on a TR base / build / specialty plan that ends in May. Is doing 3-4 tests in a 4.5 month period too much? Would i see my vo2max, fat max, anaerobic / power thresholds, and zones change that much in a 4-6 week period between each test?

If possible, I’d see if they could be spread out over the course of a season. Once a month (approx.) would be too granular to ID changes as the margin of change would probably be within the margin of error.

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Thanks! I think I’ll do that