Recovery Week Support Group

…aaaaaand I came down with the cold about an hour after posting this.

I’m back to about 70% full health. Gonna ramp Test today anyway, because even at 40 years old I will never learn :sweat_smile:


Capped a 5 week block with a 300 TSS ride last friday and I’m still feeling the last 5 weeks worth of training. My easy rides this week feel harder than usual.

It’s adaptation week and I’m sluggish, unmotivated and worried (as is usually the case) that I won’t see any positives from the prior weeks of training.



Hello, my name is Chris and I am addicted to hard training…
I usually have a mailaze during recovery week, but this week has been particularly hard.
I recently broke thru a 4 year plateau and was planning on PRing some local climbs in the coming weeks, but as of now I couldn’t possibly care less about anything cycling related. Don’t care that I broke thru, don’t care about PR’s, don’t care about training at all.
Eating terribly, drinking a bit of alcohol, sleep is poor and I have gained 5lbs in 4 days. Normally don’t like to take any kind of chemical solution, but yesterday started trying some 5-HTP.
If I don’t pull myself together soon the gains will disappear. It is helpful to read some of your posts here. Hopefully this post will serve as a bit of catharsis.