Recovery Week Motivation

I have now been on TR since late October, and have only missed 3 scheduled workouts. One I missed because of back spasms, and the other two have come during recovery weeks for no good reason other than I just didn’t feel like climbing on the bike to do Carter and Whorl respectively. The workouts that I dread doing in advance, I have no problems getting on the bike and doing when the time comes, but during the recovery week it seems like a mental struggle to get them done. Anyone else go through this, and if you do how do you handle it?

If I dread a TR workout I don’t do it, simple as that. I’ve learned in my >4 years on the platform that I only end up digging a bigger hole if I push through workouts I’m not interested in. I handle it by doing a Zwift ride or outside, extra commute, anything but watching the blue bars.


I agree. Generally if you don’t want to ride it means you are in a hole and you’re time is better spent recovering.

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Support group. :wink:

If you are training right you should look forward to recovery and/or easier workouts - when I see Whorl on the calendar I’m relieved ….but although it isn’t there to raise you FTP it will help in your overall plan and aid consistency - that in the long term is what counts.

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