Recovery Run/ Long Ride on the same day....what order?

I’ve noticed in my newly put together plan that my Saturdays often show a long ride and a recovery run. I’m assuming the run is meant to go ahead of the ride as its not noted as a brick. Anyone know for sure if that is the intention?

It happens every 2nd week and the other weeks are shown as brick runs after the ride. The ones that are attached as bricks follow shorter duration rides and the recovery runs that are noted are on the big volume ride days. Any insight would be great.

Assuming you’re on a triathlon MV or higher plan?
At the top of the plan page it says this:
“Note: Double-day workouts can be done in any order and separated by as little or as much time as you choose as long as you can keep the quality of both workouts high.”

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As a general rule, the key workout should come first in the day. But as mentioned above you can do it either way as long as you’re not reducing the quality of your key workout (here the long ride).

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