Recovery or endurance


For my sat(beacon-3) and sun (mcgragor-4) rides, i cannot finished them. i plan to take it easy for the whole of next week. what do you think is better? z1 or z2?

Also, how do i move my entire block(week 9-26 ) a week down? do i need to move it 1 by 1??


You are trying to shed fatigue and any stress markers in your body. We often don’t realise how fatigued we’ve been till we take a break. Personally I’d start with some Z1 recovery rides and see how your sleep and fatigue is. With some Z2 later in the week as a second check on whether you’ve shred the fatigue. Ensure to significantly drop the workload you are putting in.


Think you can grab a full week, by clicking on 3 dots on right hand side of week (from memory), it can be done though.