Recovery from a knee with many stitches in

So last Tuesday night I was riding down a flint/chalk descent and as I was jumping between lumps in the ground I landed and at the same point a badger (how British!) ran into my front wheel. I was doing 25mph at the time and got sent on a fun ride over the bars… Managed to damage every part of my body but luckily my helmet and Camelbak saved the day. I did however, take a huge chunk out of the side of my leg/knee. Needed hospital, surgery etc

So now I can’t walk or even bend my leg and I’m trying to work out when I’ll be able to ride- the pain is pretty immense but I am slowly getting movement etc. I guess these things vary from one person to another but was wondering if anyone had done anything similar? Maybe not with a badger…

I was at a prime stage of my fitness and can feel it all dissolving away, not the end of the world though as perhaps a bit of rest was needed- lots to do next season!

Pics can be found here- not for the faint hearted.



That’s really up to your doctor and how the recovery of your knee goes. One thing I know is don’t push it, listen to your doctor, and try to enjoy the recovery time you have!

You might lose it fast but if you had it it comes back quickly too.

Take the time, get better and be happy it was a badger not a deer.