Recovery for an old dude

 I'm 63 years young with 15+ years on the bike, mostly longer stuff. I enjoy spending Saturday mornings with my friends cruising around for hours on end. In years past I used the Eddie Merckx system of training (ride lots).  Winters either mind numbing sessions on the trainer or finger and toe numbing attempts at braving the cold damp NJ weather.  Chose TR to help with boredom of inside rides.

I'm new to structured training so not sure what to do.  Now near the end of SSB II low volume  and I haven't been  recovering well enough  between workouts to meet the demands of the next workout.  My nutrition is dialed in on and off the bike.   At 63 I feel like I need more recovery .  What would be the best option for only  two days of high intensity during the upcoming build phase. The rest of the week could be recovery or endurance if feeling good

a, just skip the Thursday workout or

b, push Thursday into next week and then repeat Saturday

I’m assuming you are going to do a low volume build…I would dial down the intensity 3-5% and see if you recover better but still do the three rides a week. Your FTP may be overstated.

I would agree with Craig here and say keep the same training volume but lower the intensity. I would also recommend checking out this article one How Aging Athletes Can Get Faster