Recovery Drinks..Powder or water first?

thoughts :slight_smile:

open the bottle first :wink:

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At my age… powder first. That way I don’t forget to put the powder in.

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As I recall, the bottle that comes with the Maurten powder says to fill it with water first, probably so you can have an accurate portion of water.

If you put in powder first it may stick to the bottom. Fill it half with water, power, then water again.


Water first. Too many times the powder clumped when the water was poured in. But leave enough space at the top to allow a vigorous shake. Unscrew the cap slightly to release pressure (not the nozzle unless you want to spray someone, like yourself), then retighten and shake again.

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milk first for me :scream:


The instructions on mine says water first but I have never bothered until recently when I got fed up of the cloggy mess left at the bottom of the bottle. Water first definitely allows the powder to mix better with the water.

Those clumps at the bottom won’t be a problem if you put the recovery drink in a shaker which people typically use for protein shakes.

Mine has like a ball in it, rather than the tradition ring/mesh on top of the container, never have a problem with clumps.



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This. I just one these. The bottom is curved too, easy to clean.

Either will work when the bottle is 1/2 full and you can give it a vigorous shake.

However, here is a routine that I have adopted that really works well for me to get the recovery drink consumed quickly and immediately get into my post workout stretching and rolling routine that I do after every workout without having to waste precious time going to the kitchen to prepare and consume the recovery drink:

Pre-workout: Prepare an extra water bottle (or cup with lid) 1/2 - 2/3 of water. Put into a snack baggie the recovery powder. Since I workout in my garage, I put both on my workbench.

Post workout: I grab a knife or a scissors and empty the baggie contents into my bottle; shake and consume. In 2-3 minutes I have gone from workout to post workout stretching and rolling routine.

I am thinking aero frothing whisk?

Some serious over thinking going on here! :joy::joy::joy:

I posted it to generate a bit of humour to be honest, but its turned out pretty interesting

If I am on a diet every bit counts I dont’t want to miss out on those precious calories!

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