Recovery and adaptation

Hi all. I’ve just entered my 2nd year of TR use and I’m currently nearing the end of SSB2 LV (not for the first time). Chad and the team frequently talk about the importance of adequate rest and recovery to enable adaption and I’ve always been pretty adherent to this advice. If however, I were on the MV of HV plan, my rest and recovery would be significantly reduced by comparison, so I assume I’m fine to throw in 1 or 2 non training-specific outdoor social/solo rides per week, without having to worry about a negative impact on my adaptation and improvement? Is this assumption correct?

It is quite individual how you react to this and how hard the rides are.

Most people will be fine with additional sessions as long as they are easy.

Try it and pay good attention how it feels next day on the bike and throughout a week

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As Schmidt said, it really depends on you. I was mid way through SS MV II and decided to replace Pettit and a rest day with two outdoor rides. I thought I’d be fine as I’m used to higher volume weeks but became a little sick. I think I pushed it too hard being on MV. On LV, I think you’d be fine, depending on what you’re used to TSS wise.

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