Recommend on next plan

I almost complete the SS mid volume I, which a lot of struggle on Sat workout or workout in threshold level such as MA. I think about possible 3 solution 2 go.

  1. Continue on next plan, which will be on Build phase.
  2. Repeat the SS mid volume I until I can complete especially Threshold workout or at least 98% Intensity.
  3. Try new thing such as Polarize.

Your thought and recommend will be very appreciate.

Have you done Base 2 for MV? If not that should be next. That said if you couldn’t do the Saturday over unders from MV1 you won’t finish the likes of Mary Austin or Leconte etc. I would retest your FTP and have another go at base 1. The over unders in this phase are not very tough in the early weeks (Reinstein/Tunemah etc) McAdie and Palisade are a challenge and if you turned down to 98% only on McAdie+1 then that’s ok as it’s really tough. The MV builds are tough - if you do SPB like I have done the 108% intervals like Red lake and Elephants are much worse than the over unders in base so you may struggle. Finally there is VO2 max in Base 2 - Spencer+2 is no joke…I know I did it last Thursday! :face_vomiting: :laughing:

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Yes, I done the Base 2 MV. The early of the week seem to be OK for me. However, when move to the week 4 and 5, especially on Threshold workout, things seem to be difficult. I don’t have problem on VO2 Max, Sweet Spot.

That’s because those last 2 threshold sessions are horrible…if you got through at 98% you’re probably ok to move on to whatever build you fancy after an easy week and FTP test.

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