Recommend a bottle with a soft bite valve and big enough opening for a scoop

Just wondering if any got any thoughts on this. I’m using the bulk powders maktodextrin.
My SIS bottle has a soft rubber bit valve - easy to open and close on the fly and soft on the teeth but with the lid off the opening is a bit too small for the bulk powders scoop.
I also have sone high 5 bottles which have a much bigger opening but the valve is hard and plastic - not good on the fly.

Is there an alternative to these that has a large opening and soft valve?

Not being able to go into an LBS and mooch around just wondering if anyone has any practical recommendations that I could pick up on line. Looking at 800ml ish bottles…

And since a picture paints a thousands words…

And yes this is a first world problem and I doubt that it’ll attract as many responses as some other threads… :joy:

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We can have a “first world off” here. I bought myself a bottle just for mixing the drinks for this very reason. It isnt anything special, just the one you get from their website and it comes with the whisk which makes the shaking a lot easier. I then decant into my on bike bottle.

Why have one dirty bottle when you can have two?

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A hoy hoy,

I had the exact same “problem” :smiley:
I switched to Camelbak Podium bottles. They are a valve system that you can close and open easily enough.
Wide opening and have some sort of voodoo magic coating that stops bacteria build up in the bottle (not in the valve though, so that has to be cleaned after each ride, but its a simple job).

They are not as big as you specified but honestly, I got a few and haven’t looked back.
Good luck in your search.


I have or rather did have a couple of Podium Chill water bottles until both our daughters decided they were theirs! :grin: Not seen them since.:unamused: And never got to try them as they disappeared as soon as they arrived.

The podiums in smoke would look good me thinks…

Anyone tried Elite Corsa bottles?

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Just fold a piece of paper in half and use it as a funnel.


Why not just use a smaller scoop?

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I used these for a long time and was always trying to get the gunk out of the nozzles. The Polar bottles have a much better system but the same “always open but not leaking” principle. The only downside is they are a little stiff to squeeze until you break them in.

Polar Bottle ZipStream Insulated Cycling & Sports Water Bottle with High Flow Cap

Yeah the gunk can be off putting, but once a week I was them by hand with dish soap.
I use a pipe cleaner I got with some stainless steel straws. So far does the trick for me :slight_smile:

Yeah, I used them for a long time but it was always a pain to clean and the black never fully goes away. I’m much happier with the “clean” polar lid and am slowly switching out all my bottles.

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I could but it’d be easier to have a bottle that matches the size of the scoop that i’m using or was slightly bigger. First world problems. :grimacing: Really I need a couple of new bottles - the wife threw away a couple of my fave SIS ones as she thought they had stuff growing in the bottom so i though why not get bottles that would enable me to pop a scoop in… :rofl:

trying to use the one that came with the bulk stuff… :rofl: and i don’t have a selection.

LOL, mixing in a separate, larger container, what a good idea, embarrassed I never thought of that.
Smaller scoop is also good idea, however, I make my own mix sometimes (malto and fructose) and because the maltodextrin I have (tapioca based) it is super light and fluffy, I need to do 10 scoops as is to get about 40 grams of carbs in a bottle so going smaller would just be torture.
I notice something a little disgusting last night in my cheap fabric water bottle, traditional pop out spout, that is despite bottle being clean and fine, in and around the pop out spout has black stuff growing. You can scrub away what you see but then I saw build up trapped between the spout that slides up and down and part of the cap so you cannot access it to clean. I am going to try and put it in the dishwasher top rack and see if that can get it out. You can bend and twist the spout to see the black stuff but you cannot get anything in there to clean it away.
Do the one way valve bottles fix this problem?

I have loads of little metal scoops in the drawer with my knives and forks. Use them for tea and coffee sometimes too

Theyre not cycling specific but I struggle on

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Specialized bottles have a soft valve and normal wide opening.
I can’t stand the hard plastic valves and now only use these.

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