Recent Flo podcast with Steve Neal

I am starting my base training period this week. In 2023 I am at 11h/week training with a CTL of 84 for the moment. My approach will be an 8 weeks endurance build. So try to average between 11-14h a week and build progressive rides. I will track TSS, TIS in WKO5 in order to be progressive as possible.
Goal is to begin with 3 kinds of rides. Z2 (60-65%), Z2+ (75%) and LT1 rides. This for the first 2-3 weeks. Depending on time available I will use one of those 3.
Then I will start to incorporate some tempo work (lower SST). Maybe as stated in the video by Tim Cusick ( Also progressive build in TIZ. These sessions will be also in the same genre as Steve Neal’s tempo approach.

I will not try to focus on intensity to much but every 8-10 I will do maybe a more intensive ride (outdoor MTB, Zwift race, …). Not sure what workouts could be doable in this time period. Some advice always welcome here ;-). So this will be my first 8 weeks approach. After that I will go to a more Intensive Aerobic phase. My A-event is within 6-7 months so still have time.

I don’t use TR for the moment but thinking of restarting with TR and use the AI FTP detection maybe and also the PL’s to track my tempo, SST progressive building. Or is this overkill?

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@batwood14 you mentioned that you were planning to do Steve Neal type of training this past fall. Did you stick with it? How did it turn out?

Anything new that you learned (or re-learned)?

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I did stick with it, and am still doing it. I’m transitioning to incorporating Vo2 work and my training will be a little more polarized starting in 2 weeks due to some spring races coming up.

As to how it went, I’m really happy with my progression. The caveat to this being that I caught Covid in early December and it knocked me off the bike for 2 full weeks, and it took me another 2 full weeks to handle a full week of training — and then I may have gotten a little too aggressive in trying to get back to my pre-Covid metrics (which is an alchemy of power-to-HR-to-TTE) and had to step back and take a rest week and a few unplanned rest days. Overall, the 2 week illness cost me about 6+ weeks until I was back to my pre-Covid metrics. It was super frustrating.

With all that being said I’ll try to give you tangible numbers measuring progression — and I did not change my FTP:

— Key workout of the week is Tuesday (I take Monday and Friday off). I started with 3x30s and kept my HR at or below 84% HRmax. If I couldn’t achieve this, I lowered my watts and finished the workout under the prescribed BPM and didn’t progress until I could achieve the all the intervals with BPM at or under this number. ** Pro tip: if my HR wasn’t at least 10 BPM under the 84% of HRmax during the first interval, it was going to be way over at the end.

— When I hit the key metrics metrics I moved to 2x48, 1x105 and then 2x60. When I was able to work for 90 consecutive minutes at <84% AND complete the full 2x60 I moved my power floor up 8-10 watts and started the progression over

— Thursdays I do 4x20 … but since I know where my HR is going to be at a certain power, this workout is more about RPE, and being able to complete the full 4x20 (or more) after doing ~2 hrs at Tempo on Tuesday and 90-120 mins Z2 on Wednesday.

— I started the whole progression in October attempting 3x30 with HR cap at 233W.

— Yesterday I finished my first full 3x30 under the 84% cap at 253W

Todays 4x20 was predictably hard, and I didn’t complete it but I schedule the same workout every Thursday so I can track my RPE progression and what I can complete … which is a nice way to track progression (or lack thereof) week-over-week.

Given the hole that Covid blew in my schedule, and my associated “over zealous” mistakes I don’t think I can be anything but thrilled with the results. My training was a metronome before Covid, and I’ve improvised a little here and there since, but mostly stayed right on track.

I feel like a rock solid rider right now, and now I’m giving myself about 6-8 weeks of a build to touch up the high end stuff before 2 races in April🤘


Great job. I hit my highest numbers doing Steve’s workouts a couple of years ago. I never went past 4x20, and mostly did 3x20s. I just don’t have the desire for 2+hours on the trainer for a 3x30 or more.

I also never even come close to 84% of max at tempo power. If I did, I’d be doing threshold work the whole time.

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Thank you for the update and session breakdown. That’s quite helpful.

I didn’t start my training in earnest until mid Jan. I am trying treating this year as an experiment after not much riding since mid 2023 due to back issues. Those are mostly resolved. After a few weeks of just getting some hours in my legs, I’m going to give this a try.

Good luck with your races.

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No problem! … let me know if I can be helpful, or if you have any other questions about structure.