Rebellin hit - RIP

If a 30 year pro gets hit, what chance to the rest of us even have out there.


His career was so long that I forgot he won all those big classics, Paris-nice and finished very high up at Giro too.

This really sucks!

I actually didn’t know that he was riding for Gerolsteiner and had won Amstel, Flèche, and Lüttich-B-Lüttich within one week for them. O.k. these were “those days” but still quite remarkable.

Very sad news. Im old enough to have watched him during his classics winning days.

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This just makes me sick. The man loved to ride and race.

This is very sad news and a sorry sign of the times we live in now (drivers not paying attention for cyclists out there). I had a close call with a truck driver over this past summer myself. Thankfully, with help from my Garmin Varia and mirror, I saw him coming him up behind me and was able to prepare myself for it. But even with that preparation the draft created by the truck (who gave me little room as he sped past) still pulled me off the shoulder and a slight bit into the lane of traffic.

I shudder to think about what COULD have happened had I been unaware he was coming up behind me. I love riding outside, but hearing stories like this and having similar experiences myself really make me think twice about continuing to go out.

It’s terrible when any cyclist, anywhere, gets killed by a hit-and-run driver, but this is really shocking. He obviously loved racing. RIP.

As a German (who loves Italy passionately) I feel deeply ashamed for this a***ole of lorry driver.


Terrible terrible outcome. What a scum who left the scene.