Rear Mech issue

Fitted a new cassette to my rear wheel, and also a new rear mech. (on to my new build bike)

For some reason it won’t get to the lowest gear, at maximum adjustment. (even with cable disconnected)

Any ideas?

I’m just thinking maybe I need a bigger spacer on before the cassette. Is it 1.8mm thickness for a 10 speed cassette on an 11speed hub?

If it’s a shimano cassette you need the 1.8 and the 1.0 for a total of 2.8

Here is a nice chart and history:

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excellent, thanks.

I only put one spacer on, hopefully that’s the issue. :+1:t2:

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Still not getting the lowest gear with two spacers on… My hub is HG11 according to their spec, is that Shimano/Hyper Glyde?

Also, the previous owner of frame had Di2, i’ve fitted normal mechanical, but I did notice it seems to have an additional part attached to the dropper that i didn’t remove… it’s like an additional dropper.

What is that part for? and should i remove it?

That’s the mech hanger not a dropper :wink: Usually added to allow usage of larger cogs. The extra part might be a goat link.

Your photo shows the chain on the lowest gear, your comment “even with cable disconnected” suggests that you are referring to the smallest cog as lowest gear as the derailleur is sprung to move to the outside so without a cable fitted it will align over the 11T cog.

Before you do anything I’d get a hanger alignment tool to check that the foundations of the system are correct. Without that you are on a hiding to nothing and you’ll never get good shifting. (we’ve ten bikes between us and I’ve used mine just three times in three years so it’s not a tool you’ll use on a regular basis).

Check the capacity of your mech, it will be stated as X number of teeth, sometimes there’ll be two numbers: one for 1x systems and one for 2x. The spec will also state the maximum cog size but typically Shimano are conservative and you can probably fit a cassette with 2 or possibly 4 extra teeth. You might need the Goat Link in the latter case.

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Thanks…. I think I’ve manually lifted chain before I took that pic to check how far alignment was out.

Even with cable disconnect = pushing it in manually.

I’m thinking the Goatlink you mention might be pushing the derailleur outward too much.

I’ll get a closer look at the specs👍

The extra bit looks like a b-link that the previous owner shouldve unbolted with their derailleur, and are probably missing it unless theyve now got a direct mount hanger.

Take that 2nd hanger bit off.


Thanks, yeah I’ll give it a go today., I think it will solve my problem.:+1:

Taking the little extender thingwybob off worked. All seems well now.

Thanks all.