Rapha Festive 500 (2022)

Multple 3 hrs days on the trainer? You only need to average like 35 miles a day to do it, thats less than 2 hrs on zwift


lol, yeah, I was about to declare athletic bankruptcy and quit cycling after trying to spend the currency that read “don’t worry, drop volume and follow the plan” because as it turned out, for me, it was like riding into a headwind, uphill, on both the out and back :upside_down_face: :crazy_face:

35 x 7 = 245…you still need another ~65 miles.

we’re both wrong, its over 8 days, so 38ish miles a day

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Depends on how you do it. Maybe people can equally split, but not all will be able to fit that in with family and other stuff. As ever, there’s more than one way to do it.

I’m lucky to even get 38 miles in the 8 days over the holidays. Inside or out.

Get it how you get it. It’s just flexing on the internet at the end of the day.


Hmm… I have all next week off, no travel plans, and my free Zwift trial is still active.

Maybe I’ll give it a go. Only downside is I have to do it before my toddler wakes up… dunno if I’m disciplined enough to wake up at 4AM while on holiday break.


Ive done enough cycling this year and if the weather turns extra sh1te I dont intend to be out.

I’ve decided that this year, with my lack of miles, I’m not shooting to complete the Festive 500. I’m going to do the fun looking Rapha rides, so long as it is dry in the Bay Area. I’ve done Festive 500 since 2014 (see below), and completed it every year except for 2014.

For everyone doing it this year (indoor or outdoor) have fun and great riding.


This is what I was looking for…thanks a lot!. Question, what about the Erg mode speed simulation setting in the wahoo app, ON or OFF?

Are you using TR or Zwift or RGT or … to get your mileage?

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:Change the wheel diameter setting in your computer

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I’m laughing in anticipation


Im using my Garmin 530 connected to a Wahoo Kickr V5

if it uploads as a Ride or Virtual Ride you should be set.


If you want to cheat on miles, I think you’ll get more “miles” in your biggest gear without Erg mode speed simulation. You’ll need to check.

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Following on with @mcneese.chad train of thought:

Everesting: [If memory serves me correctly] When it started and for several years thereafter, you needed to complete it in 24 hours. You now can have a 2 hour rest period with no requirement to finish in 24 hours.

Race Across America (RAAM): In similar fashion, RAAM added a 90 min per day rest category to expand interest be more inclusive for those where safety was a priority.

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now that is some volume! I’ll be lucky to hit 16 hours!

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I think one thing that’s been missed is that if you do this in Zwift, even if you aren’t gaming your flywheel speed, you still have the advantage of not needing to stop for traffic. Your in-game simulated speed is higher than your speed would be IRL, especially IRL in cold weather when the air is denser. And while the drafting effect is less in Zwift than IRL, there are a bunch of big groups you can easily join and put in a lot of miles. The 2.2 W/kg pace partner is moving around 38-40 km/h simulated speed on flat ground.

Let’s be clear, it’s very far from nothing to do 500 km in 8 days. It’s just that the conditions are relatively favorable on the trainer. For me, it’s definitely the trainer, as there is no way my hands are warm enough due to poor circulation, and my feet also hurt. My core is fine, but I need my extremities to cycle.


For anyone that responds to volume, it doesn’t matter if you do it inside or outside. Just ride more than you usually do, give yourself some time to recover the first week of January, and grab your fitness bump! Ca-ching :money_mouth_face:


'Straya checking in… :fire::ok_hand:t3:

Perfect Festive 500 conditions… :sunny::sweat_smile:


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