Ramp Test Nightmare

True story. Did ramp tests this week, also watching Invasion.

Had a half awake / half asleep dream this morning. Discussing with spouse how her ramp test went. She thought she went pretty hard, as she continued after the alien cut off her left foot. She was able to complete one more level with just the right foot.

What do I do? Up her FTP as could have gone longer with both feet? Lower it because she had extra adrenaline from the alien encounter. See a therapist?



Definitely up her FTP. If she gets a robotic foot like Luke Skywalker’s hand then she’s at least as strong if not stronger.

Submit a ticket to TR help desk and ask them to add ‘Alien related dream’ to one of the post ride AT rating options.


On the bright side, you’ll never have to worry about whether you should have coughed up extra for a double sided power meter.

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