Ramp Test in Training Plan but not on Calendar

I have been following a custom training plan on my calendar. But when I look at the current training plan on the career tab a ramp test that begins week 4 is not on my calendar. Instead on my calendar is a workout. The workouts that fall after the ramp test are the same between the custom training plan and my calendar. I don’t understand why the two are not carbon copies of each other. This is my first training plan and I am new to TR so I did a ramp test before I started the training plan.

What phase are you in? If you’re on sweet spot base, then I would expect a test during week 1 for base 1 and then during week 7 for base 2.

Thanks for your question. I am on Sweet Spot Base-Low Volume 1. The ramp test is showing up at the beginning of week 4 of 5 base weeks. There is no other ramp test scheduled for the plan which extends 8 weeks. Do you know if changes made in the calendar are reflected in the plan. I shifted some of the workouts and I am not seeing my plan reflecting the day changes I made in the calendar.

So, if you used plan builder to create the custom plan then potentially the blocks could have been shortened to fit into the timescale you chose and that’s why your calendar might not look exactly like the stock plan. However, 8 weeks without a ramp test sounds unusual and it might be worth reaching out to support ( support@trainerroad.com ) for help.

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.