Ramp test FTP, take 95% of the result?

Hello, I had a question and I think I know the answer but wanted to confirm.
That is when TR tells you your FTP at the end of a ramp test, I take it that this is your new official FTP and that you do NOT need to take 95% of this value as your new FTP.
I ask as I understand that if you do a FTP self-test over an all out 20-min effort, you are supposed to take 95% of your average FTP over this 20 min period as your new FTP.
Thank you for your confirmation.

The outcome of the ramp test is your FTP. It already does the calculation of percentage of your highest 1 minute power for you.

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The 95% of a 20 minute effort refers to a constant effort as in the old 20 minute FTP test not the ramp test.

Just accept the value presented at the end of the Ramp Test.

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Thank you