Ramp test & app control

I started my sweetspot low volume 1 with the goal to enter the half distance base plan after volume 1 is finished. So today I started with the ramptest and because my trainer (xtreme VX-1) is not listed I choosed the Elite Mag Level 1.

First I got the test wrong although I watched the how to because I was making more like an increasing warmup and gave all I could in Step 20. So I do not know if I can take the FTP?

Second I wanted to do my best minute in a higher level of my trainer but I didn’t know where to switch it on my iphone to prevent from just dropping the power.

If I get the app right I just have to check if the power lights green and I do not have to read the text right?


Since your trainer is not listed, I would send a note to support@trainerroad.com and ask them which trainer to use. Each trainer has it’s own power curve so it’s important to try use the one that is most similar to yours.

I’m not exactly sure what your concern is based on this. What you should be doing is trying to match your power to the target power shown. This will mean that you’ll have a warmup in the beginning for a few mins and then the target power will increase each minute. Just keep trying to match the power as it goes and you keep going until you just can’t hold the target power anymore. This usually means that the last 3-4 mins are really quite difficult, probably sore legs and/or hard breathing. You should feel like you gave it everything and you just can’t turn the pedals anymore. Your FTP will be taken from your highest 1 min power, which should be the last min of the test. Then you click end test and you’ll be given a warm down period for a few mins. That’s the full test.

Hey Anita!

It sounds like your trainer is a Magnetic trainer based on the fact that it has multiple settings. In that case, the Elite Mag Trainer is a perfectly viable choice for power curve.

The issue that you ran into here is that you did not select a high enough resistance mode. When using Virtual Power, you will not be able to change the resistance setting or else it will throw off your readings. That means that every single workout that you do with TrainerRoad will need to be at the same level of resistance.
Therefore, you need to select a mode that will allow you to reach both the recovery valleys, and the hardest sprints.

I hope this helps clear thinigs up, let me know if you have nany further questions!

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So I just have to focus on the green marker in the top left corner and try to stay in it. The text is not relevant right?

perfect :slight_smile:

You mean at my trainer right? Problem is it has the levels L 1 2 3 4 5 H and although I am in quite good shape (not bike specific) I find it to hard to padel in 1 from the start. But maybe I try the test again and just do the warmup in L and switch to 1 in the test. And in the app I select level 2?

Same here I have to check if I can pedal in cadence 90 or so in level 1 of my trainer otherwise I have to stick with level L and have to pedale a cadence of >110 for the hardest sprints

Thank you so much for your patience :star_struck:

Yep, just focus on maintaining the Target Power as long as you possibly can :slight_smile:

Yes, I mean on the trainer level. From reading your reply, it sounds like we’re on the same page.

Basically it boils down to this:

  • During the test and all trainnig, you need to keep the resistance modes the same in both the trainer and the app. So if you test in trainer mode 1, you train in trainer mode 1. If you test with the 2 level power curve set in the app, you train with the 2 level power curve set in the app.
  • Pick a trainer resistance mode that allows you to cover the maximum useful range

Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions for me!

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Thank you so much!

I found some more information on my trainer:

32/18* unbraked (100 cadence): 190 Watt
44/18* unbraked (100 cadence): 245 Watt
44/11* max. braked (60 cadence): 465 Watt
max. power = 1000 watt 100 cadence

If I get it correct it is easly possible to produce over 200 watts in level L which I guess is the unbraked one :thinking: Maybe I have to pick a higher level in the trainer of the app to get a more accurate ftp right? My highest gear is 52/13 and in my strongest minute I was pedaling with a cadence of 115 and the app showed a power of just 150.

what do you think :innocent:

Based on that information, you should pick a “harder” power curve :slight_smile:

Keep in mind though that the actually number will never be extremely accurate. What matters is that you will be able to use that number to structure your training and that it will be consistent from ride to ride :+1:


I guess this is my last question to get it all :sweat_smile: If I do my warmup in a different trainerlevel this will not falsify my workout or the outcome of the ftp, right?

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Nope, as long as you are set to the correct resistance level when the FTP ramps begin, you are good to go :slight_smile:

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THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support!!!


Any time :boom:

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