Ramp Test Anxiety?

It’s not the test part that gets me it is the knowing that there is suffering in the final stages and the mental anguish trying to push past that point that gets to me. I managed to get a higher FTP once by blocking the suffering but this made the training to hard as my ft jumped to from 270 to 315w. Now I know not to keep going no worries just pull the pin! :rofl:

keep the new FTP and get after it! The hard days will be HARD!!!

Another one scheduled for tomorrow and it’s not really anxiety but some thoughts. For now I’m positively making as an objective to surpass the step 16 entering at least for a few seconds on the 17th. Last time broke halfway thrue step 16.

Let’s see how it goes tomorrow evening.


It went fine. From 244 up to 259 that gave me a 0.25w increase per kilo. The problem now is to keep up on over unders with this demand that TR sets higher now.

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It might be an opportunity to work on the mental side of training/ racing in general?
This book really helped me…


Sometimes, it’s better imagine, that nothing really important doesn’t depend on the event you are afraid of. Imagine the worst result and think over what the worst may happen with you in that case.


One of the ways I’ve been getting over my ‘anxiety’ is to do the test more than once, giving myself a ‘free shot’ at getting my best result.

This has involved doing the test towards the end of the recovery week in a block, knowing that the test will be scheduled again at the beginning of the new block.

Like alot of people I’m guilty of not pushing myself too hard at times, so this gives me essentially two carrots to chase in terms of improving FTP.


I Like this idea i have another recovery week next week so the ramp test is on the horizon :frowning:

I have just tried this, and I quit too early - just didn’t have the commitment mentally to really sit and suffer once it got above threshold.

Hopefully when I do the test “properly” it’ll feel a bit more now or never and i’ll be forced to endure :sweat_smile:

Haha yeah everyone is different! Maybe being reminded of the ‘pain’ required will take the edge of the proper test. I’m just going to a rest week so going to try it again in a few days

Here i go again. Another ramp test on the horizon…last one was a no raise but manually lifted my FTP so feeling good. Well tomorrows RT be the truth diviner

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Just did my ftp test , +12watts! I used “Dans” as a getridofanxiety warmup for 12 minutes. Worked as a charm :slight_smile: